Wow Wow WOW

Hi to all that take the time to read this!

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the guys at 'Master Performance' for their Professional craftsmenship in designing and fabrication of my exhaust system yesterday!

These guys in my opinion are "Virtuoso's" in their field of performance exhaust systems.

Im a very particular individual when it comes to handing my ride over to someone else to perform work that I don't have the means or the proper facilities to do so.

Joe put my mind at ease when he said "It will look just like a factory installed system". I figured it would "just" be an exhaust system that fits and does the job it was intended for, but what I didnt expect was "Under Carriage Art".

Absolutely beautifully executed and symetrically perfect!

They sculpted these pipes with bends, tolerances and precision that no other exhaust place would Ever do! I know that as fact from my expereiences.

In talking to the guys that worked on my car for over 6 hours you can hear the pride and passion that goes into the work they do.

The one mechanic who's name escapes me now (and I do apologise for that) was so 'proud' of the mandrel bends he created over the rear axle that he just had to share his work with me....you won't find that kind of "Pride of Workmanship" in just any garage.

I got my car back the way I gave it to them but with a few added surprises I didn't expect.

The system was far beyond that of factory. The seams were all welded which I didn't expect and Joe made a small change to one of my requests that needed to be done for reasons of clearance.

When I finally turned the key I was like a kid that got his first video gaming system..."all smiles".

*Fun Factor*

Later that evening I took my car out for a much needed drive. Out onto a straight away I hopped on the peddle and the car litterally jumped like it got spanked! My smile was endless as I drove along hwy #7 towards Woodbridge testing the performance and tone of the exhaust system....Wow, Wow AND WOW!!!

Thanks guys for unleashing a treasure trove of power to this Big Block '72 T-bird that has been stifled and untapped for over 20 years by a previous inadequate exhaust!!

Its like my engine was clearing its throat after a long and painful cold.

Awesome Awesome AWESOME!!

In closing I never really did go and check out other shops for exhaust quotes only because a freind of mine highly recommended Joe and the boys.

I highly doubt that anyone else could do the work these guys did for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing something somewhere along the way.

The cost I thought was very reasonable for the level of work performed and therefore I will be telling everyone I know that is planning on getting exhaust work done to see Joe first and save yourself the time and gas of going elsewhere.

Do yourself a favour and at least go and talk to these guys and get a feel for who they are and what they do.

They are not your typical franchise mechanic shop nor flat rate guess work auto centre....These Guys Genuinly Know there business and Know it Well!!

Thanks for reading, and Thank you Master Performance!!

Walter V. Grdovich

2012-10-01 11:34 AM

Great Experience

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the experience and knowledge that you have given me over the last fifteen weeks.  Your participation in my co-operative education program has given me invaluable training that I will use in future careers and personal projects.

On my first day i was greeted by fellow fear guys each with their own skill and perfection for me to learn and grow from.  For me to be able to work on classic muscle cars, hot rods and big block engines was an incredible experience.  These are things my dad and uncle dream about working on and I rub it in every chance i get.

Someday I hope to be able to open a shop like yours and I hope I can find guys with the same degree of skills and knowledge that you have and make customers feel that they are in the hands of the best


Once again, I thank you for your patience, understanding and support.





2012-03-03 12:40 PM

Master Performance is Awesome!

I have just completed a oil change and maintenance at Master Performance Plus, and I must say that the service was grate.  I felt like they knew what they were doing and did a very good job, they also found out that squirrels were leaving nuts in my muffler and helped me out with that too.  I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants good and friendly service, they treat you like part of the family there.


- Maria Rodrigues

2012-02-05 2:12 PM

Great Job at Master Performance Plus

Hey guys, wanted to let you know about the exhaust. It has been a week and I have had a chance to play around with it and get a good feel. The exhaust sounds like stock but much deeper and a bit louder. Very nice clean tone in my opinion, just what I was looking for. I feel like I lost some low end torque, but I know this is normal for this system (especially before a tune). However, up top the car just screams and pulls, it feels much harder up top then before.

Thanks for doing such a clean and fast install,


December 10, 2010

2012-02-05 2:06 PM